Humanity mechanized

Humanity mechanized


Humans, fashion, machines. How are these terms connected?

The human defines himself through his personality, his individuality, his emotionality, his mistakes, his flaws - his imperfection. The machine, on the other hand, with all its work, with the meaning of its existence, aims at the opposite. Designed for absolute precision and perfection. In the dazzling world of fashion, the two things meet and overlap. The transitions between machinemannequins - mannequins with perfect proportions, emotionless, never tired -and human mannequins - models - become blurred. The model with all her personality is equated with the machine. It should correspond to the prefabricated ideals, like the mannequin. Feelings, stories behind the faces do not count. The model is like a doll - anonymous. The human being must function as a "fashion doll" ,must be "en vogue". Perfected, and the last mistakes, the last piece of personality concealed on the computer. And what if the mistakes become too big? When individuality in form of not being perfect gains the upper hand? Then the faces disappear from the glossy brochures at the kiosk and are replaced by new perfect faces and new immaculate bodies. And nobody remembers the face of yesterday - like a pity. Isn't that sad? Should it make us think? Allowing the imperfect. Wouldn't that be perfect?

Humanity mechanized – Part I Collage/acrylic on canvas, 200 x150 cm

Humanity mechanized – Part II Collage/acrylic on canvas, 200 x150 cm