October 24, 2020

Call for FREEDOM 1st November 2020

Vernissage November 1, 2020

From 2 to 6 PM

Museum Muxum

Kirchbergweg 2, 55299 Nackenheim

The exhibition "Call for FREEDOM" is a call for peace and freedom in our society. A peaceful, respectful and equal coexistence must be the basis for all living together on earth. Borders, discrimination, differences between men and women and between people of different origins and religions are superfluous. On display are collage works on the importance of peace and freedom for human coexistence. Presented are female personalities of contemporary history who stand for these values and show how important it is to fight for our values. We ourselves are responsible for our actions and values, whether as a woman, a mother or a girl.

Depending on corona there are time slots of 45 minutes each.

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